Exporting a Text File in Excel

If you want to save information in an Excel worksheet so that it can be used by other programs that can't read Excel files directly, you can export your worksheet as a text file. Most applications can read text files. To export a worksheet as a text file, follow these steps:
1. Choose the File, Save As command.
2. Select one of the following file types from the Save as type drop-down list box: Formatted text, Text, or CSV. CSV stands for comma-separated value.
3. Click Save to create the text file.

When you save a workbook as a text file, be aware that text files simply contain data. These files have no formulas, formatting, or charts.

If you want to save your formulas to a text file, you can. Select Tools , Options and click to place a check mark in the Formulas check box. This action displays formulas (instead of their resultant values) in your spreadsheet. Then save your spreadsheet as a text file.

In some cases, you may be able to use the Office Clipboard to copy data from Excel and paste it directly to the other application.

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