Creating Bookmarks


You can create a bookmark in Microsoft Word for a document for quick access to that point in the document.

Do the following:

Press alt I for insert.

Type the letter K for bookmark.

Type in the name of the bookmark. (No spaces.)

Tab to add and press your spacebar.


To go to a bookmark, press alt I.

Type the letter K.

Arrow down to the bookmark you want to go to and press enter twice.


Adding a hyper-link to a bookmark.

For example, if you want to create an index at the top of a page for quick access to a certain point in a document, you can create a hyper-link to a bookmark and by activating that link, you can go to that bookmark quickly.


First you will need to create your bookmark by following the directions above.

Next place your cursor at the point in the document you want the hyper-link to appear.

Now do an alt-I for insert.

Type the letter I for hyper-link.

Since I have not found any easy way to get to where I need to go in this dialog, I have to do the following.

Tab until you hear cancel and then tab once more.

Press your up arrow and this opens that option, but this is not what we want, so tab one time past cancel again.

Press your up arrow and again, this is not what we want.

Tab one time past the cancel button and up arrow again.

What we want it to say is, top of document.

Once it says that, press your down arrow until you hear the bookmark you want and press enter.

This will create a hyper-link to that bookmark in the document.

To go to that bookmark using the hyper-link you just created, place your cursor on the hyper-link and press your applications key and type the letter O for open hyper-link.

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