1. While in Openbook navigate to the text file you want to open & save as an audio file.
2. Next Open the file & give Open Book a few minutes to load depending on how large the file in question actually is. It won't convert the file to audio until the file is finished processing.
3. After the file has finished processing press, Alt + F, to open the File menu, then press the letter, D, to open the save as audio menu. Or press, Alt + F, & arrow up / down to, Save as audio, & press enter.
4. You'll now be in where you need to choose the page range, & the 2 options are radio buttons, Save Page Range or, Current Page. If you choose the, Save Page Range radio button, tab 1 time & it will give you the page range of the whole file, i.e, 1-115. If the, Current Page, radio button is selected, & you tab 1 time you'll get an, Okay, button, & if you press that Okay button only the current page will be saved as an audio file.

If you choose the, Save Page Range, radio button tab 1 time, & you have a, Save page range as a single file, checkbox. If you leave this box checked the file will be saved to audio in individual pages. So, if the file is 115 pages long that's how many individual MP3 files you'll have. If you uncheck this box the file will be saved as just 1 complete audio MP3 file consisting of all the pages.
5. Whether you choose Save Page Range or, Current Page, tab 1 more time to an, Okay, button, press the spacebar. You'll now be in a File name edit field / dialogue box where you type in a name for the file. After filling in the file name, tab 1 time to the, Files of type combobox, & you'll have 2 choices, MP3 or, WAV, arrow up / down to make your choice. Now tab 1 time to the Save, button, & press enter or spacebar, & wait for your file to finish converting. Your audio file / files will be saved to your chosen default location. For example, my Openbook saved files go to My Documents folder, & Openbook creates an, Audio folder that the files are saved to in the My Documents folder when saving as audio.

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