7Zip Steps On Extracting Files or Folders Into Folders of the Same Name

To unzip files or folders:

1. Highlight the file or folders you want to unzip. They can be both, .ZIP or .RAR files or, just 1 or the other. This program has the ability to unzip both types at the same time.
2. Press the applications / context menu key or, Shift + F10 to open the context menu.
3. Press, the #7 on the number row above the main keyboard or, arrow down to 7Zip & press enter. The first time you use the program you might want to arrow down the list to see what options the program has to offer.
4. if you are unzipping a single file / folder arrow down to, extract here, & press enter, and all the files will be extracted to that folder, but beware, they will be extracted as single files rather than being unzipped into a folder. Use the, Extract To *, option to have all files go into a folder of the same name without the, .Zip, extension.
5. When you are extracting multiple folders, press enter on the, Extract To *, option. This will extract all the folders into folders of the same name without the, .Zip, extension.

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