Putting JAWS to sleep for Specific Programs

This example is for Kurzweil, but these instructions will work for any application.

  1. First load Kurzweil.

  2. Press insert 6 on the number row. This brings up the JAWS configuration manager.

  3. Then hit alt+S to open up the Set Options menu .

  4. Arrow up once to the advanced options sub menu.

  5. Hit enter to open this sub menu.

  6. Hit your space bar to check Sleep mode enabled.

  7. Then tab one time

  8. Hit the space bar again on Unload Synthesizer

  9. Hit enter

  10. Press alt+F4. You will receive a prompt to save your changes.

  11. Hit enter on yes.

From now on JAWS will go to sleep when you load Kurzweil, but don't worry because just as soon as you leave Kurzweil it will start talking again.
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