Notes for those of you who use Microsoft Outlook. Also I would like to point out that the subject line sectione will work in Outlook Express as well.

Here's a little tutorial about how JAWS can exclude speaking list names in both the from field and the subject line using the dictionary manager.

This is for all you JAWS users. You know how when you get a message from an email list it says all that extra junk, like which list it's from and all that? Well, when you have emails going to individual folders in Outlook like me, all that information is unnecessary and can get quite annoying. So, I've made a change in my dictionary manager to make my email life a little bit easier.

In Outlook, once in a message, shift tab until you get to the "From" field. Use control A to highlight the entire line and do a Control C to copy it to the clipboard.

Then open your dictionary manager with Insert D. Tab to the Add button and press enter.

When you tab to the "actual word" edit field, make sure that it is clear. I do this by hitting Home, and then Control End, and then delete. Or you can just look it over. It may already have the information you want to paste in the edit field. In that case, you won't need to paste. Otherwise, the next step would be to paste with a Control V.

For example, you will be pasting the following:; on behalf of; Chris Feist []

Now, this is important. What you'll want to do is arrow through that and take out the semicolons with the delete key. Otherwise, I've found that doing this won't work.

Next, be sure you delete everything after the word "of", including the email address. Without this step, it will also not work.

So all that remains should be this: on behalf of

Next, Tab down once to the "replace" field. Hit the space bar once so to put a space in that edit field. Then tab down to OK and press enter.

Hit Control S to save and then Alt F4 out of the dictionary manager. Your changes should have taken effect.

And now what JAWS should read is Chris Feist []. Voila! Now JAWS won't announce all that other junk. only who the email is from.

Since I know which folder I'm in I don't need to hear that other stuff. And if I really do, I can use the JAWS cursor to do so.

One more note. You can also utilize this with the subject line. You know how it says [jaws-users]? If you shift tab to the subject line, and then copy [jaws-users] , you can also follow the above steps to stop JAWS from saying it. It will still be in the subject line, of course, but JAWS won't announce it unless you go to it and use the arrow keys. You have to copy and paste [jaws-users] exactly, no more and no less for it to work.

Hope this will be to some use to someone. It has for me. And this can be reversed in the dictionary manager if you don't like the change.
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