Note that this should really be used in the cases where JAWS seems to have hung completely and it is really important that it be done before someone did other keystrokes, or moved focus. The best thing, is if they have figured steps to reproduce the hang up, get into the state and then do the dump. This has the best chance for success in passing tech support good details from the dump file.

JAWS Memory Dump Command

If a total loss of speech occurs, it is difficult to recover JAWS without rebooting the computer. However, a reboot provides no diagnostic information to assist Freedom Scientific in researching the underlying problem.

INSERT+WINDOWS Key+F4 is a new JAWS keystroke for emergency recovery. The new keystroke closes JAWS, terminates all related processes, and creates a memory dump file. The diagnostic information can be used to assist Technical Support. (Note: The keystroke will not work at the Windows Log In screen.) After issuing this command, you can restart JAWS to regain speech.

The keystroke for the emergency recovery function assigned for laptop users with no windows key is:

Shift+Caps Lock+F12

Note this only works if laptop is set in basic options on the keyboard selection combo box.

The memory dump file is saved to the Settings folder. To locate the file, do the following:

1. Press CTRL+ESC to open the Start menu.
2. Choose Programs.
3. Choose JAWS 8.0, Explore JAWS, and then Explore My Settings. This opens the following folder: C:\Documents and settings\your user name\Application Data\Freedom Scientific\JAWS\8.0\Settings\ENU.
4. Press the BACKSPACE key to navigate to the Settings folder.
5. Select the JAWSMemDmp folder and press ENTER. The files in this folder are identified by the JAWS version and build number.

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