To stop JAWS from saying, read only edit in dialog boxes or where ever it shows here is what you can do.

1. Open up the jaws configuration manager with insert f2.
2. Down arrow, and enter on configuration manager.
3. Press, control shift d, for the default configuration manager note: spacebar to check a check box, or up or down arrow to change a radio button if you want to know what any particular button does or check box press insert f1 for help. Then Press escape to get out of help.
4. Press alt s, and then the letter, m, for speech and sounds manager.
5. Tab twice, enter on, Edit Current Scheme button.
6. Press control tab, to control type page.
7. Press the letter r, twice to read only edit.
8. Tab once, and down arrow to ignore.
9. Tab to the ok button and press enter
10. Tab once, to save current scheme button and press enter.
11. Tab to the ok button and press enter.
12. Press, control s, to save the settings.
13. Close the jaws configuration manager with alt f4.
14. Restart JAWS.

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