Changing your JAWS default speech synthesizer.

First off this tutorial presumes that when you installed JAWS you performed a custom install not an express. This is important if you need to install any speech system at all other than Eloquence. Also for Braille displays and a couple of other items as well.

Step 1 open up your configuration manager with either of the following keystrokes. Insert+6. Thatís the 6 on the number row not on the number pad to the right of your keyboard. The other way is hit insert+F2 and hit the letter C for configuration manager. No matter which way you get there the next steps are exactly the same?

Next hit control+shift+D to open up the default configuration manager file.
Next at that point hit alt+S to open up the set options menu. Then arrow down or just hit the letter S for the synthesizer menu. You will be placed in a list of all your installed speech synthesizers. Just arrow up or down until you hear the one you want and hit enter.

Lastly either hit control+S and then alt+F4, or just alt+F4. You will be prompted to save your changes if you havenít done so already.

If you receive a prompt to save your changes just hit enter because the default is yes at that point. From now on your default speech program will be what ever you just changed it too.

Note it won't change what ever speech program you're using at that point. So if you're not using the program you want to have as your default either change it manually with control+insert+S, or simply restart JAWS.

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