Assigning A Keystroke To Adjust Punctuation On The Fly

1. Press, Insert + F2, to open the Jaws Manager.
2. Go to Keyboard Manager and press enter.
3. Navigate to Default, & then tab 1 time to get into the list of options.
4. In the Default keyboard manager list navigate to Set Punctuation Level If it says none. That means there has not been a keystroke assigned.
5. Press the Alt key to open the menues, & right arrow to Action. Then down arrow to Add Keystroke, & press enter. Or press control + A which is the shortcut for asigning a keystroke.
6. Insert a keystroke combination like control + dash for example. If the combination is already being used for another command jaws will tell you. Doing this in the Default Keyboard Manager, allows this keystroke to be used in all aplications.
7. Tab to the Okay button, press the spacebar, then a dialogue will open asking if you are sure you want to modify the default JKM. Press the spacebar on the Yes option.

Now, every time you press the control + dash keystroke it changes the punctuation level. So press the control + dash keystroke until you hear the punctuation level you want.

If you ever want to change or remove the keystroke, simply repeat the above steps.

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