Notes about clipboard security with IE.

If you are using Internet Explorer as your default browser, there is a good chance that despite being up to date with all your hot fixes, you are vulnerable to a clipboard exploit where a web site can grab whatever data was last copied to your clipboard. This can be achieved by simply visiting the page. As soon as you access the page, the exploiter can grab whatever you last copied. This can be very dangerous if the last thing you copied before visiting the site was sensitive information such as credit card numbers, passwords, or other personal data. The clipboard in Windows is where anything you copy, whether it be data or images, is stored. Here is a test page that will let you know if you are protected from this exploit or not. To see if you are vulnerable:

1. Select (highlight) some text, Do a control C to copy the text to the clipboard.
2. Then click on the following link:

Clip Board Code Test

If you see the text you copied on the page, then you are vulnerable and should follow these instructions immediately. If the page is blank then your Clip Board could not be accessed. Note: Use a website / webpage other than your homepage when following the steps below. The following steps are for users of IE, regardless of what operating system your using try the following. While on a webpage other than your homepage, in Internet Explorer:

1. Alt+T=tools, O=options,
2. Now ctrl+tab until you land on the security tab:
3. tab and enter on, security custom.
4. Now you need to navigate way down the page and look for; Allow Programmatic clipboard access disable, if it is off, hit the spacebar, and Allow Programmatic clipboard access disable will be on. now tab to okay, and say yes to changing security. again tab to okay / close and press enter.

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