How Can I Get Rid Of The URL And Other Header Text When I Print Web Pages?

when you print-headers and footers you can't remove within the web page.

On Windows, it's easy to get rid of unwanted headers and footers in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

I. Firefox:

1. Go to File.
2. Page Move to page Setup and click on it or press enter.
3. Press control plus tab until reaching the Margins And Header/Footer tab, or click on this tab sheet.
4. Set every header and footer to "blank" and tab to okay" followed by tappint enter or click on the okay option.

II. Internet Explorer:

1. Go to File.
2. Arrow down to Page Setup and press enter or click on this option.
3. Set every drop-down in the Headers and Footers section To "Empty."
4. Tab to "okay" and tap enter or click on the okay option.

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