Below are steps for saving cookies you don't want deleted when running CCleaner.

1. Open CCleaner , tab to the Options button, & press the spacebar.
2. It will seem like nothing is happening, but the options tab has actually been expanded. Tab some more until you find the Cookies option, & press the spacebar.
3. Tab to, Cookies On Computer extended select list box, & this is a list of cookies on your computer. If you arrow up and down in this list, you will find all the cookies you have.
4. Now, arrow down this list & each time you find a cookie you want to save, press the applications / context menu key, arrow to keep, & press enter or, the letter, K. This will move the cookies you want to keep to the, Excluded list, & CCleaner won't delete these cookies.
5. Tab 1 time & you'll hear, button. This is the, Include, button Cookies in this list will be removed when running CCleaner.
6. Tab 1 more time to the, Cookies To Keep extended selected list box, & this is the list of excluded cookies that won't be removed when running CClener. If there is a cookie you want to remove from this list press the applications / context menu key, arrow down to remove, press enter, or the letter D, & the removed cookies will be deleted.

Note: if you are not sure which cookies you need to keep run the program and delete all of them first. Then go on each site whose cookies you want, log in if necessary so that the login information would be saved in the cookie. Then, open cCleaner again and this time you will see that your list of cookies to delete is much shorter and most cookies in it are the ones relevant for you, so you can go ahead and keep the cookies you need, using the instructions in this message.

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