Saving your place in a book playing in Winamp.

1. Start the file playing as you normally would.
2. When you come to a place where you would like to stop, pause the book, and then press the letterM. This will open the time marker dialogue, and you will be in an edit field.
3. Give your marker a simple name, just to identify it, and then tab to the okay button, and spacebar it. Your time marker has been saved for that particular file. You can now close WinAmp, or your computer for that matter, and the marker will remain.

To resume reading:

1. Start your file playing as you normally would in WinAmp.
2. Pause the file.
3. Press Alt + Shift + M, to open the time marker list view.
4. Useing the up and down arrow keys, locate the time marker with the name you want, and simply press enter.
5. Start your file playing again, and you will be where you left off when you set your time marker.

Note: It is not necessary to pause your file, I just included that step so that you could clearly understand what Jaws was saying to you. Also, I would give your time marker a name that is relevant to the book you are reading at the time. This is because it is possible that when you open the time marker list view, there may be markers from other files, and a descriptive name would eliminate confusion.

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