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Anti Virus & Anti Spyware Programs

  1. Accessing The Settings In MSE

  2. JAWS Files For Vipre's Scan Options Tab In Settings

  3. Viper Prompt Files & registry keys


  1. Instructions how to record streaming audio from the internet using Audacity

  2. Audio Playing Copying And Editing From The Keyboard Part 1

  3. Audio Playing Copying And Editing From The Keyboard Part 2

  4. Balance Adjustment Keystrokes For Winamp

  5. Converting Youtube Videos to MP3

  6. Links to a couple of web pages that offer a free online solution
  7. Creating A Playlist In Windows Media Player 12

  8. Downloading MP3 Files From A M3U List

  9. Explanation Of Different Audio Formats

  10. Gom Keystrokes

  11. List of commands to get you started using the Gom Player
  12. Instructions For Using The Free You Tube Converter

  13. Installing Juice On Windows 7

  14. Instructions For Splitting Audio Files With Gold Wave

  15. Saving Your Place In A Book Playing In WinAmp

  16. Instructions For Retrieving Property Information Of An Audio File

  17. Switch Sound File Converter Steps

  18. The Gold Wave Audio Editor Page By John Wilson

  19. Guide For Setting Your Various Volume Controls

  20. List of Keyboard Short Cuts for Winamp

  21. A general Overview of Winamp

  22. Winamp Play All Directions

  23. If Winamp only plays one song and then stops the above instructions will resolve the problem.
  24. Instructions For Streaming Audio Using Winamp

  25. Instructions For Independently Adjusting The Volume In Winamp

  26. Keyboard Commands For Windows Media Player

  27. You tube For The Visually Impaired


  1. Avery CD Label Templates

  2. Burning a CD using burnaware Free

  3. Keyboard Commands For Power DVD

Disk And Registry Cleanup Utilities

  1. A Guide for using the C Cleaner program written by Brian Lee

  2. Keeping Cookies in CCleaner

  3. C Cleaner WipingFreeSpace

  4. Disk Cleanup The Advanced Disk Cleanup Option For Windows

Email Clients

  1. Mail

  2. Outlook

  3. Windows Live Mail


  1. Adding A Braille Embosser

  2. Adjust Monitor Brightness

  3. Change Your Screen Resolution

  4. Check Those Requirements

  5. Choose A Storage Device

  6. Clean With Care

  7. Connecting Two PCs Using A USB Cable Hardware Secrets

  8. Consider Buying A Laptop Mouse

  9. Consider Size When Shopping For A Laptop

  10. Convert To NTFS

  11. Defragmenting Your Harddrive Properly Why And How

  12. Flip The Wi-Fi Switch

  13. LCD Resolutions

  14. Linear Vs. Tactile

  15. Mechanical Keyboards

  16. Memory

  17. PC Power

  18. Portability

  19. Printer Problems

  20. Processing Power

  21. Removing A Mass Storage Device Win 7

  22. Save Your Batteries

  23. Save Your Cables

  24. Shop For Portable Hard Drives

  25. BIOS Central - Award BIOS Beep Codes

  26. Transfer Data From A Camcorder To PC

  27. Instructions For Transferring Your JAWS Daisy Files To A Victor Reader

  28. Think Pad L440 And L540 With Blank Lines Removed User Guide

  29. There is both a text and Word version in this zip archive
  30. WEP & WPA


  1. Accessing The Internet From The Keyboard Volume 1

  2. Accessing The Internet From The Keyboard Volume 2

  3. Alternative Flash Player Auto Updater directions

  4. A guide to Chrome

  5. Written by David Moore 11/8/2017
  6. Combo Boxes And Dialog Boxes

  7. Dealing With Difficult Pages In IE

  8. DNS Resolution Test

  9. An Overview of an Online Backup Service Called Drop Box

  10. Instructions For Sharing A Folder Or File Using Dropbox

  11. A Tutorial using Edge

  12. Written by David Moore 11/8/2017
  13. An Online Dictionary Service

  14. Finding My IP Address

  15. Firefox 43 Using Webvisum

  16. GMail Keyboard Shortcut Quick Reference Guide

  17. How To Block Unwanted Web Sites

  18. How To Turn Off Flash Player Updates

  19. Instructions For Printing Web Pages From Firefox or Internet Explorer

  20. Instructions For Setting Your Home Page With Firefox

  21. Instructions For Setting Your Home Page With IE

  22. Internet Clipboard Security

  23. Instructions to secure your Clipboard on the internet
  24. Directions To Turn On The Internet Explorer 9 Download Complete Sound

  25. Internet Explorer change default download location

  26. Making Multiple Selections In An Extended List Box With IE

  27. Phishing Filter And Email Related Information

  28. Pin A Website To The Taskbar

  29. Saving Passwords In IE

  30. Instructions On How To Remove The Security Prompt When Visiting A Secure Web Site

  31. Simple Instructions For Downloading A File From The Internet

  32. Three Web Pages Containing Hot Keys And Tutorials


  1. Backing Up The IPhone With ITunes

  2. Creating A Playlist In ITunes

  3. iTunes Reinstall

  4. iTunes With JAWS

  5. Making A Musical CD Using ITunes

  6. Restoring The IPhone With ITunes

  7. Saving Voice Mail Messages From The IPhone

  8. Transferring Music To IPhone Using ITunes

  9. Working With Apps In ITunes

JAWS Specific Information

  1. Assigning A Keystroke To Adjust Punctuation On The Fly

  2. Assigning A Sound To Clipboard Events

  3. Authorization Count

  4. Directions for finding out your remaining authorization count
  5. Changing The OCR Voice In JAWS 13

  6. Tutorial for Changing Your Default Speech Synthesizer

  7. Changing Your Number Pad Default Settings

  8. Comprable Window Eyes And JAWS Hot Keys

  9. Creating Frames

  10. Creating Voice Profiles For JAWS

  11. Directions For Loading Dec Talk Access 32 Before JAWS

  12. Instructions for delaying JAWS starting up

  13. Drag And Drop Directions

  14. Emoticons

  15. A fairly long list of Emoticons
  16. How To Stop JAWS From Saying Read Only Edit

  17. The JPG file demonstrated in FS cast 143

  18. A shortcut for installing JAWS Scripts

  19. Setting Jaws To Run As A Service

  20. JAWS Memory Dump Command

  21. JAWS Not Starting At The Windows Login Screen A Possible Fix Windows 7 & Earlier Only

  22. Trick For Modifying Your PC Or JAWS Cursor Keys

  23. Modifying The Dictionary Manager

  24. Putting JAWS To Sleep For Specific Programs

  25. remapping Your Keyboard And Giving It A Windows Key

  26. Instructions For Repairing JAWS

  27. Smart Phone etiquette

  28. This is a non-accessible PDF file for testing purposes only
  29. Changing The Speed Of Your Speech

  30. Instructions For Changing Your synthesizer On The Fly For A Given Application And Setting It Back

  31. Tandem Instructions


  1. 2017 CALENDAR In Text Format

  2. 2018 CALENDAR In Text Format

  3. 2019 CALENDAR In Text Format

  4. 2020 CALENDAR In Text Format

  5. Instructions On How To Deal With An Access Violation Error While Installing Software

  6. Computer Terms

  7. Create a portable version of Image for Windows

  8. Days.zip Direct Download Link

  9. A Collection Of 7 Excel Spread Sheets Formatted With The Days Of The Week each Starting On A Different Day
  10. Email Addresses For Tracking Packages

  11. A web site that will convert a PDF file to text and send it back to you

  12. Skype Add Command

  13. Web page that shows you how to calculate the square root of any number

  14. Instructions On Sending A Text Message From Your PC

  15. Updated 2/10/2016
  16. Windows Startup Locations

  17. Two locations where you can place icons to run at system startup.


  1. Default Router Passwords - The internets most comprehensive router password database

  2. Instructions For Restoring A Missing Icon For A Home Network

  3. Networking Windows 7 systems

  4. Shortcut to your network adapter

  5. Securing Your Router



  1. Accessibility guide for educators v5

  2. Guide That Shows Commands For Word 2003 And Word 2007

  3. Blank Check Book Excel File

  4. Here is an Excel sample spreadsheet for tracking your Budget

  5. Configuring Word Options


  7. Creating A Macro

  8. Creating Bookmarks

  9. Creating Columns With In Word

  10. Excel Help Sheet Download Link

  11. Excel Manual Of Keyboard Commands

  12. Exporting a Text File from Excel

  13. Excel Tips Download Link

  14. An Excel template for check writing

  15. Instructions For Performing A Mail Merge

  16. Microsoft Word 2007 Key Tips

  17. Office 2007 Help

  18. Instructions for Printing Labels with Microsoft Word

  19. Sample checkbook register

  20. Sorting In Word 2007

  21. Turning Off Auto Numbering In Word 2010

  22. Word 2007 Shortcut Keystrokes

  23. Word Limits

Win 7 Registry Keys

  1. File Associations, Default Reg Files For Win 7


The shortcuts in this section are for areas in Windows that can be accessed from the run command, or are a pain to navigate to otherwise. These shortcuts can save a little time accessing these areas, especially for those who have typing difficulties for one reason or another.

  1. Windows 7

  2. Windows 8

  3. This section last updated 1/12/2015
  4. http://www.7tutorials.com/biggest-library-windows-7-shortcuts#main-content


  1. Windows 7

  2. Windows 8

  3. Windows 10

  4. Windows Basics