Installing the Startup Greeting Script.

  • Startup Greeting Script
  • 1. Copy the entire text of the script found at the above link:
    2. Press insert +F2, to open the list of Jaws managers, and press S, for the script manager, then press enter.
    3. When the script manager opens, press control+shift+D, to open the default script manager.
    4. Press control + end to get to the bottom of the script file, then do a say-line, to make sure there is no text on that line, if there is, press the end key to go to the end of the line, then press enter twice to create a new blank line.
    5. Paste the text from the clipboard.
    6. Now,press shift+F2, to place you at the top of the greeting script.
    7. Next down arrow to the line that says:
    Let UserName = ("YourName,")
    and replace the text between the quotes with your own name, being sure to leave the comma at the end of the text.
    8. Now, go to the bottom of the script, and remove the line that says:
    Close Window
    9. Next press the F2 key to move you to AutoStartEvent, then down arrow to the first If statement.
    10. Go to the end of this line, and press enter to create a blank line.
    11. Then paste the following text on that blank line
    StartupGreeting ()
    12. Now, press control + S, to compile the script.

    If the script compiles correctly, then Alt+ F4 to exit the script manager. You are done. If not, go thru the steps again and correct any errors.

    Note: this is actually a function and it will only run when you first load JAWS.

    Startup Greeting Script JSS and JSB format
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