Useing the AVG rootkit tool with Jaws.

1. The install is straight-forward, as most installers go, but there is one item to pay close attention to, and it is as follows. When you get to the interface screen, which is first in the install, there are two radio buttons for the type of interface to use. By default, the normal button is checked, so if you down arrow once you will hear, low graphics, optimized for screen readers. This is the one you will want to use.
2. Now you can continue with the install as you would any other software installation.

Useing the tool.

1. Open the program from the start menu, or desktop shortcut.
2. When the program opens you will be on the first of 3 tabs, which is the search for rootkits tab, and your focus should be on search for rootkits button. If you press the spacebar here, then local disk C will be scanned. If this is the only drive on your system, then press the spacebar. If you have more than one drive, then go to step 3.
3. If you tab once from the search for rootkits button you should be on the, perform in depth search button. Press spacebar on this button for more options.
4. When this dialogue opens, you will be presented with a list of drives on your system. All of these will be checked by default, so if you don't want to scan all drives, then you will need to move thru the list, and use the spacebar to uncheck the ones you don't want to scan.
5. Next, tab to the scan button, and press the spacebar. If you decide not to take any action here, then tab to the cancel button, and spacebar it, this will return you to the previous screen.
6. Once the scan has started, you can route Jaws to PC, and track the progress. If you have the progress bar announcement turn on in Jaws, this will report the percentage progress.
7. When the scan is complete, you can view the results with the Jaws cursor.
8. When you are finished, spacebar the close button, to close the results screen.
9. If you are finished with the program, press Alt F4 to close the program.
10. The other tabs in the program are Learn tab, and the about and update tab. On the learn tab, there is a secure me button. pressing spacebar on this button will take you to the AVG website, so you will have an oppourtunity to purchase other security products. The about and updates has a button also. It is check for updates button. Pressing spacebar on this will also take you to the same website, and it will inform you if you are running the most current version of the program.

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