Detailed Information For SplitIt! 1.0

From the developer... Have you ever downloaded a large file from the Internet and now wonder how you are going to transport it to another computer at your friend's house? It just wouldn't fit on the diskette? To large to email as a file attachment?

Well, don't panic. You can SPLIT IT! This utility will split any large setup.exe file or .zip file into smaller packets which you can recombine back to the original file once all the packets are on the new computer. Simply copy all the packets and the associated .bat file to a single folder and then press enter on the .bat file and presto! The original file is created! SPLIT IT! Works on any setup.exe file and also will split any .zip file. You can specify the size each packet should be when the master file is split. Use this utility to split files to fit on floppy diskettes, sending out multiple smaller file attachments, or backing up crucial data to floppy disks.

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