Windows 2000 and XP

Windows 2000 and XP come with their own shortcut utility, shutdown.exe but it isn't the greatest as it does not do a complete shutdown of XP and doesn't always work that great in 2000 either. It doesn't usually shutdown your entire computer - it just shuts down Windows to the point of "It's Now Safe To Turn Off Your Computer".

For both 2000 and XP, I recommend a better shutdown utility developed by a Microsoft MVP - Andrej Budja - which you can download from here. It's named shutdown2.exe so that the original shutdown.exe in 2000 and XP won't be overwritten. After downloading, place it in your windows\System32 folder.

Then, back at your desktop, use the following command lines for your shortcuts.

Shutdown shutdown2.exe -u -t 0

Restart shutdown2.exe -r -t 0

Log Off shutdown2.exe -I

Note the -t switch, this stands for TIME. -t 0 means the shutdown or reboot action will begin immediately without delay after clicking your shortcut. If you wanted to hold off the shutdown and restart for a certain length of time, for whatever reason, then just indicate the number of seconds after the -t. i.e. -t 30 would wait 30 seconds before shutting down or restarting.

If you'd like to try the default shutdown utility shipped with XP and 2k, click Start>Run and type SHUTDOWN /? This will show you all the options you can use with it.

You can also use this method to see all your options for shutdown2.exe.Just type SHUTDOWN2 /? instead.

You can also create hibernate or standby shortcuts. For this, Windows own shortcut utility works fine.

For standby use: shutdown.exe -s

For hibernate use: shutdown.exe -h

You can use the - t switch with the above as well. In fact, you can use the -t with any of the shutdown actions. i.e.: shutdown.exe -s -t 45 would countdown 45 seconds before beginning standby.

You might also find it convenient to assign keyboard shortcuts to any of your shutdown shortcuts. A handy one might be for the straight shutdown shortcut. Assign it to Ctrl-Alt -S, for example. To do this: Right click the shutdown shortcut you created on your desktop and go to Properties. There you will see the Shortcut key box. Just type S in the box and it will change to Ctr-Alt-S. Click Ok to save your changes and you are done.

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