Hoekey enables you to create shortcuts utilizing the Windows key in conjunction with any key on the keyboard. It also enables you to eject your CD player, minimize programs to your system tray, etc. In conjunction with other utilities and your imagination, the uses for this application is great.

For example, you can launch WinAmp by pressing windows w, run a copy of notepad with windows n, Minimize and maximize windows with windows downarrow or windows up arrow accordingly. Possibly the neatest thing is to control WinAmp with: windows c to pause, Windows x to play, etc. These shortcuts also work with Windows Media Player.

It is a very easy application to configure. Simply, press windows q The main screen will come up. In this window, you can see the already defined keys and also access the edit configuration button. The configuration is done under notepad as a straight-forward text file. Comment lines are started with a semi-colon. The way to configure a key combination is as follows:

The 4 keys you can use to create shortcuts are:
alt, control, windows key and the shift key.
Each key is represented by a character.
The Tilda sign = windows key.
The underline character = shift key.
The carot sign = control key.
The at sign = alt key.

Here is an example of a typical line with the key modifiers and a comment.
~_c=run|command.com ; Runs the command-line after windows-shift-c is pressed.

When editing of the configuration file is done, simply save it by pressing control s and close Notepad. The Hoekey program will give you a warning if there is a key conflict. For more information, read the documentation which comes with the program.

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