Freeware Current Version: Supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 German, English and Spanish user interface (depending on the system language) Option to work without user interaction Works behind proxy servers Option to store administrator credentials (to work with non-administrator accounts) Supports global network configuration

Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater is a a software updater for Adobe’s Flash Player. Flash is one of the key technologies of Web 2.0 – you can find it nearly everywhere. Commonly used technologies are always a main target for malware authors – Flash Player is not different. Adobe frequently releases security updates to fix the latest security vulnerabilities. However, Flash Player’s out-of-box updater uses long time intervals between update checks. Most endusers do not bother to configure the internal updater – they run outdated Flash Player versions.

Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater was developed to offer an easy to use application for inexperienced endusers who do not want to bother with updates. It can install updates with no user interaction required and thus keep your system secure without bothering you.

Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater offers many features for single- and corporate users like automatically update checks with a custom time interval. Also, it allows corporate users to use a remote configuration and thereby avoid configuring every single client.

Another feature is the configuration of administrator credentials required for the installation – Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater stores them, the users need not even know or enter credentials.

Security Information • All files are digitally signed by “Jonas Zimmermann” • Installer MD5: 370CA2226D6133C98012D25EECBD2506 • Installer SHA1: 2C284321A2B956640A26766B3CE4696552979D84

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