Running mute.exe with no command line parameters will toggle the status of sound muting ON/OFF.

Running mute.exe ON will mute the sound on the computer.

Running mute.exe OFF will UNMUTE the sound on the computer.

Here's an example to ensure you can always unmute the sound on your computer:

1. Create a folder on your hard drive called utilities.
2. Place a copy of mute.exe in the folder.
3. Highlight mute.exe and pressed the Applications key to bring up the context menu.
4. Select the Send To submenu and then Desktop(create shortcut).
5. Highlight the new mute.exe shortcut and presse Alt-Enter to display the properties of the shortcut.
6. In the target field, add a space and OFF to the end of the line. The target line now looks like:
"c:\utilities\mute.exe OFF" (without the quotes). Note: you can name the directory anything you like.
7. Tabb to the shortcut key field and press Ctrl-Alt-M which assigned this hot key combination to the icon.
8. Tabbed to OK and pressed spacebar to close the properties window.

Now if your sound card ever gets muted by an ill-behaved program (or child) you can just press Ctrl-Alt-M to turn off the mute and continue working.

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