Detailed Information For Funk in the Trunk 1.0

From the developer... This is not your fathers MP3 player! Funk in the Trunk is a virtual car stereo for the visually impaired. The program is laced with amazing digitized sound effects to give it a real car stereo feel! You have to hear them! You will love listening to the radio stations tune in and the other amazing sound effects throughout the program! Funk is also the first media player to have it's own built in self-voicing mode! If your sound card is not multi-channel, unload your screen reader and use Funk just like anyone else! Funk's self voicing mode tells you everything you need to know!

Funk allows you to assign folders of mp3 files or wav files on your computer to 5 different stereo preset buttons. So preset 1 could reference a folder of jazz mp3 files, preset 2 could reference a folder of rock mp3 files, preset 3 could reference a folder of pop/dance mp3 files, etc. You can program up to 5 different preset buttons and change between those 5 preset buttons on the fly! With lightning speed, funk can search folders, sub-folders, various hard drives, and CD roms for mp3 files or wav files. Funk also can play your favorite audio CD supporting common functions like next track/previous track/random order/ etc. The program can also be minimized to the system tray.

The benefit to Funk over other mp3 media players is that you can have 5 playlists, preset buttons, to choose from on the fly! With it's amazing digitized sound effects, it's sleek interface, it's ease of use, and it's affordable price... free! Funk is one of those gems you will be glad to have in your software collection!

Program limitations:
System Requirements
This program will run on the following platforms: Windows 98/Me/NT 4/2000/XP. You must have DirectX 6 or higher installed. The program may work with DirectX 4 or 5 but has not been tested with those versions.

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