Here are some programs I've gathered that will hopefully be of some benefit to you. Unless other wise stated all the software available here is free for personal use.

Note: When a program is followed by the notation scripts available they can be found on the scripts page

Audio Page
Scripts Page
Tips and Tricks Page

Anti Virus & Anti Spyware

  1. Mal Ware Bytes Download Page

  2. MSE Program Direct Download links

  3. Just pick the version for your operating system
  4. MSE Definition Update Page

Audio And Related Applications

  1. Audio Shell 1.35 Documentation And Download link

  2. DrO Plugin Pack 2.0.21 Build 140: Download link

  3. A package of plug-ins for WinAmp 540kb
  4. flac 1.1.4 P4 Downloadd link

  5. Free YouTube To MP3 Converter Portable By Carlos Final Version Download link

  6. He created this shortly before his death (R I P)
  7. Mozekty Documentation And Download link

  8. Program for listening To Internet Radio
  9. MP3 CD Doctor lite Download link

  10. MP3 CD Doctor lite is an easy to use CD burner that allows you to create Audio CDs from your MP3 or WAV files 1.16 MB
  11. mp3clip100full Download link

  12. MP3 Clip 1.0 is a Free program for splitting large MP3 files 272 KB
  13. mp3 Direct Cut 2.23 Documentation And Download link

  14. MP3 Gain Win Full 1_3_4 Download link

  15. MP3Gain analyzes and losslessly adjusts mp3 files to a specified target volume. It does not simply do peak amplitude normalization. Instead, it performs statistical analysis to determine how loud the file actually sounds to the human ear.
  16. mp3merge Download link

  17. Program for joining MP3 files together
  18. MP3 Ripper 6.0.6 Download link

  19. An easy to use Audio CD ripper
  20. mp3 tag v2.43 setup Download link

  21. MixPad Audio Mixer Download link

  22. Mix Pad Audio Mixer Is A Multi-track MP3 and audio mixing software Package
  23. My Media Bookmarks Documentation and Download link

  24. Normalize 253 Documentation And Download link

  25. Pace Maker Version 2.1 Download link

  26. Pazera Free Audio Extractor PORTABLE Download link

  27. Quick Sound Switch Download link

  28. MP3 Maker Documentation And Download link

  29. Slice Audio File Splitter Download link

  30. Sound Volume View

  31. Program to quickly change your sound settings
  32. Stamp ID3 Tag Editor Download link

  33. Sweet Midi Documentation And Download link

  34. Switch A Free Sound File Conversion Program Download link

  35. Time Restore For Winamp Plugin

  36. ACB Radio Tuner Version 7.2 (C) © 1999-2012 by ACB Radio. All Rights Reserved. download link

  37. Three Wave Pack Batch Files For Compressing Or Extracting Wave Files Download link

  38. Wave Pack 4.60.1 Download link

  39. Wave Pack Is An Easy Program For compressing Wave Files In To A Loss Less Format For Backup Purposes
  40. WavPack encoder for EZ CDA Extractor: April 7, 2007 72.0kb Download link

  41. Winamp 5.66.6 Download link

  42. The final version of Winamp posted 9:33 AM 12/19/13
  43. Winamp 5.8.3660 Beta

  44. This is a new version of Winamp released October 2018. 8 MB.
  45. Wave Pack Plug In For Winamp Documentation And Download link

  46. Various Plug Ins For Winamp

  47. WINFF: Documentation and Download link

  48. Wave Pad Audio Editor Instructions And Download link

  49. Program To Make And Edit Audio Files
  50. XM Play 34 Download link

  51. XMPlay is a Win32 (Windows 95/98/NT/2k/ME/XP/etc audio player, supporting several formats


  1. Any Burn Download Page

  2. Burn At Once Download link

  3. Burn At Once is a handy easy to use CD burning program
  4. burnaware free Download link

  5. Express Burn Download link

  6. Express Burn is a program for Windows that lets you create and record CDOrDVD or data CDs with any PC with a CD recorder installed
  7. CD Check Setup Documentation And Download link

  8. CDEX Download page

  9. Program To Extract Files From CDs And Convert Them To Either Wave Or MP3 Format
  10. Command Burner Documentation And Download link

  11. Deep Burner Portable

  12. Deep Ripper Download And Documentation

  13. DVD Flick Download link

  14. ISO Recorder v 2 Documentation And Download link

  15. LCISOCreator Documentation And Download link

  16. Express Rip CD Ripper Download link

  17. Star Burn Download link


  1. Daisy Add in for Word

  2. AMIS adaptive multimedia information system Version 2.6 Download link

  3. AMIS is free of charge, open source DAISY book playback software. Note: Scripts Available

Disk And Registry Cleanup Utilities

  1. C Cleaner latest version Download link

  2. Be careful during the installation you don't receive any other un-expected programs.
  3. C Cleaner Slim Version Download link

  4. C_Cleaner Download Page

  5. Disk Checkup Documentation And Download link

  6. Disk Cleaner Download link

  7. Disk Keeper lite Download link

  8. Easy Cleaner Documentation And Download link

email and related utilities

  1. Auto Mailer Free Documentation and Download link

  2. Clippy 120 Download link

  3. clippy 120 is used to remove > signs and line breaks etcetera from Emails and reformat nicely before pasting into a message to send or forward. After copying to the clipboard you simply use a hot key you assign and it will fix it so when you paste it it is already fixed
  4. Email Stripper Documentation And Download link

  5. Program That Will Clean Up Email Messages That have Been Forwarded Many Times: EmailStripper will work With All Versions Of Windows
  6. Email Extractor Outlook Documentation And Download link

  7. Mail PassView Download link

  8. NK2 File Editor Download link

  9. Outlook Express Download link

  10. Outlook Express 6 This version of Outlook Express now works with Windows 7, 8 and 10.
    Posted 3/4/2016
    Note: scripts available:
  11. Outlook Express Mail Recipient SendTo Folder Files & Steps

  12. ptmailer2-setup Download link

  13. Mailer 2: from: Karenís Power Tools. Sends E-Mail from Windows' command line, desktop, from Countdown Timer II, or Net Monitor
  14. Download link

  15. OE6 spell checker for Win7, 8, & 10:
  16. spelloe_setup&SpellCheckerForOE2.1 download link

  17. Another spell Checking program for OE 2.1
  18. Text Monkey lite Download And Documentation link

  19. WindowsEssentials2012Setup-all

  20. Windows Live 2009 download link

File Management Utilities

  1. 7 zip Download And Documentation link

  2. 7 Zip 4.65 Is A free program for unzipping all your files
  3. 7 Zip Portable 4.42 Documentation And Download link

  4. Belarc Advisor 7.2.11 Download link

  5. Handy free program which creates a list of what hardware and software you have installed on your PC. 1 MB.
  6. Clip NAME Download

  7. Add an option to your context menu to copy the full path and name of a file to the clipboard instead of the actual file itself.
  8. Dir list Documentation And Download link

  9. Fast Copy Download Page

  10. Fast File Renamer Documentation And Download link

  11. HTMLAsText v1.05 Download link

  12. HTMLAsText utility converts HTML documents to simple text files by removing all HTML tags and formatting the text according to your preferences.
  13. KeePass_Portable_1.07.paf Download link

  14. PassKeeper 1.2 Direct Download link

  15. Program To Keep All Of Your Precious Passwords In A Single Encrypted file
  16. Password Agent Program And PDF Manual Download link

  17. Password Agent is a password manager program that allows you to store all your passwords, secret notes and data snippets in a single, easy to navigate and secure database
  18. PDF2OCR Documentation And Download link

  19. PDF To Word Setup Download link

  20. Print Folder Download

  21. Run print folder from your programs menu or choose print folder from the context menu of a folder to create a file of the directory listing
  22. Karen's Replicator V3.3.5 Download link

  23. Karen Kenworthy's Free And Easy Backup Utility Program Updated March 2007
  24. Karen's Replicator V3.6.5 Download link

  25. Karen Kenworthy's Free And Easy Backup Utility Program Updated Nov 19, 2008
  26. Karen's Replicator V3.6.8 Download link

  27. Karen Kenworthy's Free And Easy Backup Utility Program Updated Nov 28, 2009
  28. Very PDF Free TXT 2 PDF Download link

  29. winzip 8.1 Download link


  1. EjectUSBDrive Download Link

  2. nirsoft command Line Instruction and Download Page

  3. Door Control Documentation and Download Page

  4. Win Eject Instruction and Download Page

Internet And Related Applications

  1. System Security Suite (3S) Download

  2. Program to remove internet tracks and junk files from your computer.
  3. ">Alternative Flash Player Auto Updater

  4. arach_full.exe Download link

  5. arach full is a Free speech-friendly web page creation program 1.51mb
  6. Bookmark Wizard Download link

  7. Bookmark Wizard is a little program with a simple wizard-like interface that generates an HTML page with all selected links from your Internet Favorites folder.
  8. Back Street Browser Documentation And Download link

  9. Byte Shifter Documentation And Download link

  10. Chicken Nugget 2.4 15.33 MB Download link

  11. Copy URL Download And Documentation

  12. CSE lite Download link

  13. CSE lite is a good free program to help validate your HTML code
  14. Deadlink 2.7 Download link

  15. Deadlink finds dead links and duplicates in your favorites for IE and lets you delete them
  16. Easy HTML 2.2 Download link

  17. Free And Easy HTML Editor
  18. Encode Download link

  19. Program To Encrypt An E-mail Address Embedded In HTML Code
  20. Flash Mute 2 Documentation And Download link

  21. Flash Player direct download links for IE and all other browsers

  22. IE PassView V1.16 Download link

  23. IE Spell Download link

  24. Works Well For Filling Out Web Forms
  25. Leak Test Download link

  26. Gibson Research Developed This Program To Test Your Fire Wall Against Outbound Traffic From Your Computer
  27. Messen Pass V 1.24 Download link

  28. No Flash 2 Download link

  29. Yeah Reader Download link

  30. Yeah Reader is a Free RSS reader, and completely accessible with JAWS Updated August 2009

JAWS Files

  1. JAWS Script Install documentation and download page

  2. Updated May 2 2016
  3. Instructions For Reinstalling The Video Intercept Manager

Pod Catchers

  1. Golden Ear (V1.0 Build 97) Download And Documentation link

  2. Juice 2.2 Download link

  3. This version works with 64 bit systems.

Productivity Software

  1. AkelPad 4.3.6 Documentation And Download link

  2. CHM2TXT Direct Download link

  3. Jamal Mazrui has again improved the lives of blind computer users by creating chm2txt, a utility for transforming windows help files into structured text files.
  4. Free Cute PDF Writer (Ver. 2.7 Download link

  5. DB Dialog database Download and documentation link

  6. DB Dialog is a database program developed by Jamal Mazrui
  7. Ed Sharp Download link

  8. File Format Converter Download link

  9. Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 File Formats.
    Open, edit, and save documents, workbooks, and presentations in the file formats new to Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007and 2010.
  10. Free Medical Dictionaries and spell Checkers Download link

  11. Install Tiny PDF Documentation And Download link

  12. Jarte 6.1 Download Page

  13. Updated 5/26/2017
    Jarte Is A Free Word Processor which detects your screen reader and makes all its features accessible
  14. Personal Inventory Program Download link

  15. Note Tab 7.0 light Download link

  16. NoteTab Is A great replacement for the Windows Notepad editor
  17. Power Point Viewer Download link

  18. Word Viewer 2003 11.7 MB Download link

  19. May 2007 For viewing Word 2003 documents if you donít have Microsoft Word installed
  20. Excel Viewer 2003 Documentation And Download link

  21. XmlNotepad.msi 1.81 MB Download link

  22. XML Notepad: Updated May 2007

Skype And Related Programs

  1. Skype Talking

  2. an Add On program For Skype That Announces Caller Information And Much More
  3. Skype Classic download page

  4. The Most Recent Version Of Skype


  1. Autorun Eater Version 2.5 Download link

  2. aida32 Documentation And Download link

  3. AIF 10 INF Editor For Creating Autorun Files Download link

  4. annotsx Download link

  5. Add Notes And Comments To Files In Windows Explorer
  6. Awesome Password Generator

  7. Auto Sizer Program And Documentation

  8. AutoSizer Is A Program That Will Maximize Almost Any Window Automatically, note: there are at this time 3 versions to choose from available.
  9. Auto Hotkey Documentation And Download link

  10. Battery Info View documentation and Download link

  11. Boot Master Documentation And Download link

  12. Bulk Rename Utility Documentation And Download link

  13. clipbrd download link

  14. this is the clipboard viewer from XP that also works in Windows 7 & 8.
  15. CliP CLEAR 3.20 Download link

  16. Free Utility To Clear Out Your Clipboard
  17. clipomatic20 Documentation

  18. Convert liT Download link

  19. Program which allows you to convert Microsoft Reader format eBooks into open format for use with software or devices which are not directly compatible with Microsoft's Reader.
  20. clone app overview and download page

  21. Close All Documentation And Download link

  22. Clipboard Magic Documentation and Download link

  23. convert Download link

  24. Unit Conversion program
  25. Copy Filenames 3.1 link

  26. CopyPath Download link

  27. Copy this file to a folder on your local hard drive, enter on it and check both boxes then to OK. Now you can copy the full path of a file or folder by hitting the applications key and either hitting Y or enter on copy path.
  28. Check Printer 5.6 Setup Download link

  29. Print and keep track of checks Note: Scripts Available
  30. Crucial Scan Download link

  31. This little program scans your computer and will tell you how much RAM memory you have installed and how much you can install.
  32. Crystal Disk Info 5_3_1 Shizuku Download link

  33. Program that monitors the health of your harddrive
  34. Desktop Clock Setup Documentation And Download link

  35. Drive Rescue 19D Documentation And Download link

  36. D Shut Down Download link

  37. D Speech Download link

  38. D Speech Is A Text To Speech Application
  39. Win Driver Expert V1.10 Download link

  40. An audio tutorial is available.
  41. Eject Media Download link

  42. For more information visit the author's web site
  43. Eject USB Drive Download link

  44. Designed to be a simple utility to close all programs running from a specified drive or folder and then attempt ejection if a drive was specified.
  45. End It All Download link

  46. Program used to shut down all running applications at once
    Note: scripts available
  47. Everything 1.2 Download link

  48. Free Program For Searching Through Files And Folders On Your Computer
  49. Free Byte Task Scheduler Download link

  50. File Targets 141 Download link

  51. FileTargets is a shell context menu extension that adds a sub-menu with all your favorite folder names to the context-menu of all files and folders in your system so you can copy/move selected files to pre-defined, most used folders with the click of a mouse. FileTargets menu is similar to the standard Send To Menu.
  52. FileNote_110 Program And Instructions

  53. Program For Creating Text Files With The Same Name as Another File Useful If The File Name Is Cryptic
  54. Flash Note 3.1 Documentation And Download link

  55. HJ JOIN Documentation and Download link

  56. HJ Split Documentation and Download link

  57. Hot Key Search Documentation And Download link

  58. Hoekey Program For Setting Up Hot Keys Download And Documentation

  59. Hot key P 4.8.3 339 kB Download Link

  60. Startup Inspector Documentation And Download link

  61. JS_Keyfinder_v106 Download link

  62. Vendor: Jalapeno Software Last Updated: 2007-08-28
  63. Magical Jellybean Key Finder Documentation And Download link

  64. Lock Note Download link

  65. Password protect your important data with this handy utility
  66. Magic Transfer Documentation And Download link

  67. Net Time 314 Documentation and Download link

  68. NFB Trans 7.74 November 4, 2002 Download link

  69. No Frills Timer Download link

  70. Noisy Keyboard Download link

  71. No Sleep HD documentation and download page

  72. Windows Backup Utility Documentation And Download link

  73. Webmaster Password Generator Documentation And Download link

  74. Note Graphic Labels Available
  75. Path Copy Copy 11.1 documentation & Download link

  76. Add an option to your context menu to copy the full path and name of a folder or file to the clipboard instead of the actual file itself.
  77. PC Decrapifier 2.2.8 Documentation And Download link

  78. Download link

  79. Explorer Notes Download allows you to add notes and comments to files in windows explorer. Also included a program to help you manage and search for the notes you have created
  80. Phone Converter Alpha Download link

  81. Program That Converts Alpha Numeric Characters In To Numbers On A Telephone
  82. phonnr10 Download link

  83. Converts alphanumeric strings to phone numbers
  84. Power Menu Documentation And Download link

  85. Program That Will Minimize Almost Anything To Your System Tray
  86. PRC View Documentation And Download link

  87. Program That Shows What Is Running On Your Computer
  88. Proc Info Documentation And Download link

  89. ProductKey.vbs Download link

  90. A VBS file that shows your Windows' product key.
  91. produkey 1.66 32 Bit Download link

  92. produkey-x64 1.66 64 Bit Download link

  93. ProduKey is a small utility that displays the ProductID and the CD-Key of MS-Office, Windows, Exchange Server, and SQL Server installed on your computer.
  94. Karenís Autorun Editor For Creating Autorun.inf Files Download link

  95. Karen's Clipboard Viewer v2.2 Updated Dec 3, 2002 Download link

  96. Karenís Directory Printer Will Save A directory listing To Disk Or Print It Out Download link

  97. Karen's Show Stopper Download link

  98. Karen's Print Log Setup Download link

  99. PView Download

  100. Program To Shut down Processes Running In The Background
  101. Recuva 1.46 Download link

  102. This free program will recover files accidently deleted from your computer
  103. Remount Documentation and Download link

  104. Program for changing drive letters using a command line
  105. Remove Drive Download link

  106. For more information visit the author's web site
  107. Revo Portable Uninstaller Download link

  108. Safe House Explorer Documentation and Download link

  109. Send To Toys Documentation And Download link

  110. Sound Pilot 1.4 Documentation And Download link

  111. Your Alarm Clock Download link

  112. Shell Tools 101 Download link

  113. A collection of utilities from Moon Software
  114. Short Keys lite Download link

  115. Allows You To Setup Replacement Text For User Defined Keystrokes
  116. Free Shortcut Key Explorer Download link

  117. Creates a JAWS-accessible list of all the shortcut keys on your PC
  118. Shutdown2 Documentation And Program Files

  119. Speak Dropbox

  120. Startup Manager Download link

  121. Program To Help Manage The Applications That Are Run At Windows Startup
  122. Split It Documentation And Download link

  123. Talking Clock Program And Manual

  124. Free Clock From A.P.H
  125. timer 1.0 Documentation And Download link

  126. Trayconizer Is A Program To minimize Almost Anything To The System Tray

  127. trayconizera ANSI Build Is A Program To minimize Almost Anything To The System Tray

  128. unclean Download

  129. Easier interface to the add remove programs list and also lets you get rid of leftover entries in add/remove.
  130. Volume Tray Download link

  131. The program sits in your system tray and allows you to raise and lower the volume with hotkeys
  132. WeatherPulse Documentation And Download link

  133. Note: Scripts Available
    Instructions By Debbie Scales
  134. wiFi Strength Download link

  135. Program that shows all of the wireless networks in range.
  136. Win Trans Documentation And Download link

  137. Win Key Download link

  138. Program That Allows You To Create Hot Keys With The Windows Logo Key
  139. Wireless Key View Documentation & licensing Download link

  140. Instructions And Download link For wizmo

  141. Wizmo Is A Power Management Program For Shutting Down Loging Off Or Blanking Out Your Screen ETC By Using Hot Keys
  142. Wireless Network Watcher Documentation and Download Page

  143. Word Web 4.01 free version Download link

  144. VR Stream Notes Download link

  145. Program that will allow you to convert a note file produced by a Victor Reader Stream into a .wav file, simply by right-clicking it, choosing the "Send to" choice, and then choosing "Create a .wav file from a note choice.
  146. Win Patrol 30.5.2014.1 Will alert you to hijackings, malware attacks and critical changes made to your computer without your permission Download link


  1. Registry Robot Final Free Version Download link

  2. Root kit Revealer Documentation And Download link

  3. Windows Cleanup Utility Download link