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  1. Batch conversion demo using Gold Wave

  2. Totorial on changing sound card assignments in Winamp & Windows Media Player

  3. Ten Part MP3 Direct Cut Audio Tutorial

  4. A tutorial on ripping a CD with Gold Wave

  5. Brian Lee shows us how to rip a CD with WMP 12

  6. Instructionts for configuring the What You Hear feature in Windows 7


  1. A tutorial on Any Burn

  2. DVD Audio Extractor Tutorial


  1. Creating A Signature In Outlook 2007

  2. Tutorial For Setting Up Message Rules in Windows Live Mail 2012

  3. Using Multiple Email Accounts In Outlook 2007

File Management

  1. A Walk Through Of Karen's Replicator

  2. Karen's Replicator saving shortcuts and placing jobs in batch files


  1. A Tutorial on Google Chrome by David Moore


    NB: any scripts mentioned in the following tutorials can be found on the scripts page:
  1. Tutorial On Where To Install Your JAWS Script Files ETC

  2. Tutorial On Where To Install Your JAWS Script Files using the Roaming shortcut

  3. Changing Sound Card Assignments in Windows 7

  4. A Demonstration of the cuckoo clock scripts

  5. A demo of Flexable Web by Geovanni Bahena

  6. Interactive Menu tutorial download

  7. This recording covers creating, modifying and running a script that generates an interactive menu
  8. JAWS Script Install

  9. This program will install scripts from a zip archive
    Available on the programs page
  10. My Extensions part 1

  11. My Extensions part 2

  12. Tutorials covering where to place scripts if you want them to be generally available
  13. Tutorial on replacing scripts between versions of JAWS

  14. Scripting Windows Commands


  1. Instructions for downloading, extracting and placing an audio book on to an SD card from the BARD web site

  2. A tutorial on searching for an author by name on the BARD web site

  3. File to check if your speakers are arranged correctly


  1. An overview of Drop Box

  2. A demonstration on installing and changing the preferences in Drop Box
  3. Drive Letter View Demonstration Download Link

  4. Program for remapping drive letters
  5. A demonstration of Driver Expert

  6. A short description of Driver Magician

  7. Image For Windows Creating A Backup

  8. Image For Windows Reloading Your System

  9. Image For Windows Part 3

  10. Part 3 discusses imaging and restoring an external drive.
  11. Image For Windows Part 4

  12. Part 4 covers creating a portable copy of the PE Builder and running it from a virtual environment to reload your system.
  13. Image For Windows Part 5

  14. Part 5 covers creating a batch file using the installed version of Image For Windows.
  15. Image For Windows Part 6

  16. Part 6 covers creating a batch file using the portable version of Image For Windows along with some final thoughts.
    The batch file created in the above tutorials can be used to backup your system.
  17. Instructions on creating, resizing and deleting partitions with Partition Assistant Home edition

  18. a review of ReMount

  19. Program for remapping drive letters
  20. A short demonstration of Speak DropBox


  1. Windows 7 install

  2. An overview of the steps required to upgrade a Windows XP system to 7 without sited assistance
  3. A basic tutorial on configuring Windows 7

  4. This covers display settings, the system trayy changing the theme and Windows Explorer.
  5. A demonstration on creating a shortcut icon on your desktop

  6. A Tutorial On How To Free Up Some Disk Space

  7. Recording Your Voice & Screen Reader In Windows 10

  8. Scheduling Task in Windows 7

  9. A demonstration on setting up a shortcut to quickly enable or disable your network